Weight Loss and Juicing

I promised to juice every day and blog about it.

I think I have only missed about 2-3 days (not juicing) in a 2 week period.

I have done very well but not lost anything, as I have been having a lot of fruit juice and the vegetable juice has been in the minority.

I realised my mistake, so am now trying to make more green juices like this:

They're actually really delicious.  Great for getting you alkaline, and very filling/hydrating.

It was Wednesday when I made this one.

It contained:

cucumber - WHOLE
apples x 2
pear x 1
some fresh parsley
celery - couple of stalks
a handful of dark green salad leaves

Absolutely delicious.

I need to set on a game plan and go for it as the #WWback2best i.e. Weight Watchers back to best bloggers kick-stared today and I really want to join them.  You can watch Super Amazing Mum here and Michelle Twin Mum here.

To be honest, the only reason I didn't is because the current app is for iphones and I have a Samsung.

Anyway I would love to join them in losing a load of weight by Christmas.

So back with an edit:

Writing the above spurred me on so I just went to the kitchen with Aaron and made orange, pineapple and beetroot juice.

4 oranges peeled with pith left on
A quarter of a fresh pineapple peeled
A whole beetroot, raw.

I googled to see if anyone else had ever done that combination as I just did it on the spur of the moment and I found this, so I am glad to see it is healthy etc...

Look at the beautiful colour the beetroot sends it:

Best bit is Aaron likes it as he doesn't like every juice that I make!

As usual the juicer I use is my KT100 chrome from juiceproducer.com