Green Fingers...and dirty finger nails..

For the past week Colin & Myself have been keeping ourselves busy in the garden getting our hands dirty to make it more appealing to us. The aim is to create a nice area to be able to sit outside, relax and BBQ.

Now that "winter" is on the way it means the temperature is thankfully starting to take a dip and it is now around 30 degrees at night time. The humidity has dropped also so it's a lot more comfortable to sit outside without drowning in your own sweat.

We are are looking forward to our upcoming visit from Colin's mum, Karen, and his son, Nathan. It will be nice to have an area for us to sit outside and have dinner together.

Here is Colin multitasking on his phone to work and telling the labourers what to do..

Colin doing a bit of DIY building a gazebo in between his work phone ringing constantly.

I was told that we were going to an area of the city called Seeb to visit a garden centre, I expected something kind of like Dobbies but once again I was wrong in what I had expected.. It was an actual road filled with around 20 different plant shops, more like each one was an allotment rather than a shop. There were no cash registers, no AC and no coffee shops. But it was a good experience to walk around them all and see the different plants and haggle on some prices- Of course there are different prices for locals and for us gullible tourists.

It seems like you can get whatever you want here from tomato plants, olive trees, coconut palms, lemon trees all the way through to my favorite - the money plant :)

The only thing that we couldn't find was a lime tree. Colin had visions of growing his own lime tree then using the fruit in his Corona.. Maybe best that we didn't find one then.

I even found some little frogs hanging about in the plants..

In the end we spent 3 LONG hours looking for plants and everyone had an opinion on what we should get, by the end I sat in the car and let Colin deal with it ha ha. Our land lady is a local Omani so she came and met us so she was able to get things cheaper than the tourist prices.

This is our gardener, Raoul, keeping busy and out of the intense sun with a t-shirt wrapped round his head and sunglasses on.

We even got our very first plant present in a big pot from Colin's boss Rolf and his wife Oda. It is an Aloe Vera plant so I have been reading up on what I can use it for, one is for use on sunburn so that might come in very handy for me.

Doing the gardening really does make us feel more like a married couple! We have bought all our garden items and plants and it is all starting to come together now. I will upload the finished pictures in a couple of weeks once Colin's Mum has visited so it is a nice surprise for her to see what we have been upto.

Only one injury and two broken finger nails whilst doing the work. My stupidly big feet managed to trip over a paving slab and take the skin off my toe :( ouch.

Once the garden is finished we need to think of our next project...