Shadowhouse Creations Actions Volume One

                             ** UPDATE ** 
I've made these available for PS Elements also, just click
on the Elements Download link.  Please try them out first
then pay, I'm rather a newb when working in PS Elements,
but I have them installed and working in PS Elements 9.
Adobe really, really needs to make installing actions a lot
more easier and consistent across all versions of Elements!

This, My Shadowhouse Creations Actions Volume One set
consumed quite a bit of my time and attention and I must say
I'm extremely pleased with the outcome. I also added a free
bonus to the deal, which you can see with examples by
clicking Read More!

*** I'm going to try something new for the first time, and I
must say that I've personally ever come across such an idea.***

I'm for the first time going to put a price on this download,
and it's what I call the honor system, if you decide to download,
and I hope you do, I'm asking a 5 dollar Paypal donation for this
set after you download and check it out. I know I can't stop people
from downloading "well actually I can, but I won't" without paying,
but I'm testing the waters so to speak on a new concept.

If this idea bombs, I'll have to set up a blog just for merchandise
I intend on selling in the near future.

Peace, and as always, have fun.