Starbucks is Now a No, and Costa is a Yes

I won't be buying another cup of coffee in Starbucks.

A couple of weeks ago I had intended on giving coffee up and going on a detox but am yet to start it.

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I was out and about in London the last 2 days and because of the recent stink about Starbucks' avoidance of corporation tax in the UK, I boycotted them.  On both occasions the convenient nearest alternative: Costa, was where I ended up.  Turns out I am happy about that.  One: because it tastes better, I promise you, and two: because they are a British company (which you'd never guess from the name) and as a result, pay substantially more tax, as they can't move it all around the globe like Starbucks does.  Having worked for a subsidiary that was part of a Group company that had 58 arms, I can recognise the international accounting techniques that Starbucks have used.  Yes they are nothing out of the ordinary and not illegal, but we were always advised to show a profit and pay tax where and when we could, otherwise HMR&C would be on to us.  Starbucks clearly aren't worried about that.  I guess my reason for boycotting them, is that the profit made is so substantial, that to pay NIL corporation tax - since 2009 - and only

Yahoo compares Costa and Starbucks for us:
For example, Starbucks' UK sales reached £398 million last year, yet it paid zero corporation tax in 2011. On the other hand, Costa Coffee - owned by FTSE 100 member Whitbread - turned over £377 million and paid £15 million in corporation tax on this smaller sum.
So Starbucks has paid no corporation tax since 2009, but what have they paid since they arrived on these shores:
What's more, despite UK sales totalling £3 billion since 1998, the giant US corporation paid just £8.6 million in corporation tax in 14 years.
I am sorry, but if you have ever worked in an area densely populated by Starbucks, like Liverpool Street, you will see every office worker with a Starbucks in their hand.  It does not seem ethical that our pounds are going to them, only so that it all goes overseas.  I know they provide jobs, and those working people provide the government with PAYE, but again it is always the little guy taking the burden!

Anyway, until I start my detox it will be Costa all the way for me!

What do you think? or do you not care?

Funny to hear that they arrived in 1998, as I knew it was relatively recent... only 14 years... I remember, like yesterday, the product placement they did in Austin Powers, and when I saw it I said "Who are they?"

I'll leave you with this article on which is interesting.

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