The Duncan's brought the weather with them

On Wednesday we welcomed the arrival of two more Duncan's to join in our adventures. My mother in law Karen, Colin's Mom, and his son, Nathan, made the journey from Aberdeen to Muscat for a holiday and it seems they packed a bit of Scottish weather with them.

Thursday was their first proper day here and we started it nicely down at the beach in the sunshine...

But by the afternoon the sky started to get a bit darker and the thunder rumbles were beginning, surely it wasn't going to rain?! 

The average rainfall for Muscat in a whole year is about 4 inches- well the heavens opened and we must have had close to 4 inches in just a short few hours.

Our street started to turn into a river! Because heavy rain is rare here there aren't proper drainage systems like we have back home for the Scottish weather. Driving in the rain here is super dangerous as people don't know to slow down for puddles on the road as they just don't see it often enough.

Nathan loving life jumping in puddles..

The rain was pouring (strangely not that cold though), the thunder was cracking and the lighting was everywhere. I managed to catch one bolt in a picture but it doesn't really do the weather justice. I was up on the roof with my camera like a proper nerd.

The good thing about a storm like this is that it clears the air of the humidity and the next morning everything feels better, although a little messy.

This was just after sunrise the following morning and back to beautiful sunshine :)

Hopefully that is the last dose of Scottish weather and we don't see anymore! Although the break from the sunshine is welcomed now and again, the sunshine gets pretty intense.


Something I must add.... While waiting in the airport for our family to arrive we bumped into a famous face! 

Joanna Lumley OBE!
She was so lovely and took the time to chat to us. She told us that she is in Oman to make a new film.

The Duncan's have alot on this week and I have frantically been taking photos of everything to blog about so expect some more blogs in the not too distant future.