The Fray concert @ the Intercon Gardens

On Wednesday night my friend Eliza invited me to see The Fray in concert in the gardens of The Intercontinental Hotel here in Muscat.

Eliza is a massive fan of The Fray and even met the band earlier that day at the local radio station. I didn't know much about The Fray other than a few of their most popular songs from the radio, so I did a little swotting up before so I didn't sound like a total loser ;)

The Intercontinental Hotel is a 5 star resort in the city next to Shatti beach, there are always events going on at the hotel but this is the first concert that I had been to outside in the gardens. The location was perfect with the palm trees lit up in the clean and well maintaned gardens providing a calm and relaxed atmosphere to be in whilst watching the concert - it makes a change from the AECC! 

Thankfully it wasn't a humid night and the temperature was a nice 29 degrees to be outside.

Me and Eliza at the concert

Even though I didn't know much about the Fray or know all their songs I really enjoyed the concert! They were great live and kept the audience entertained. I might even go as far as to get their new album now :)


We had great fun 'people watching' at the concert. We were surprised at the ammount of "expat brats" at the concert, but there isn't really much else for young teens to do in the evenings in Muscat.

Its a sign that I am getting old when I start commenting on what people wear but some people seem to forget the Muslim culture when they get dressed! There were young girls in tiny hot pants and lads with inappropriate t shirts. One wee boy had a shirt saying "I love boobies" and this guy's said "I was amazing last night, just ask your girlfriend". Hmmm... I've cut his head out of the photo as I don't want to shame him, he was a nice lad but in my opinion it was a bad choice in clothing..

We did make some new friends though, Oman's answer to JLS! We took pictures of them and they took several pictures of us.. We practiced our Arabic on them and they practiced their English with us. My Arabic is still very limited and my new word this week is "hammama", it means pigeon... :-/