The Scottish get their alcohol licence

Steroetypical Scottish people love to drink, and it's pretty true so my Hubby was all happy with himself this week that he has now obtained his license to be able to buy alcohol! Oman is not a "dry" country, countries like Saudi Arabia or Qatar are completely free of alcohol, so it is possible to get a drink here it but it's not easy or cheap.

In Muscat you can only buy alcohol from the expensive hotel bars and a couple of restaurants with a meal - totally different to back in the UK!
Being Scottish, drinking to us is a social thing to do so when we have friends and visitors it is good to be able to offer them a drink and relax.

The amount of alcohol you are allowed to purchase is based on your salary which seems a bit strange. You are allowed to purchase upto 10% of your salary, so if you earn 1,000 Rial a month you can then spend 100 Rial on booze.

 Colin had to go to the police station with the following:

  • Proof of his residency visa in Oman (and that he isn't Muslim)
  • Passport pictures
  • No objection letter from his company to say they are ok with him drinking
  • Money to pay for it
  • Proof of salary

The process is not straight forward but his little face was so happy to get it and he went off to the liquor store on his own for an adventure.

I didnt see it but he tells me that the actual store is a shop about the size of our living room with blackened out windows and bars over the door.

When they put the goodies in your car it is wrapped in thick black bags so no one can see in the back of your car. I'm not sure if it offends people, or makes them jealous, but it feels like you are doing something naughty by hiding it! 

All this because we live in a Muslim country and in their religion it is illegal to drink, although if you go to any bar here I promise you will find Muslim men dressed in their DishDasha's having a few (I.e several) alcoholic beverages! Make of that what you want :-)

So he arrived home with two crates of Corona, two bottles of vodka, two boxes of wine and some Peach Schnapps. Plus a bottle of whisky for his buddy Aji.