The search for Fish & Chips in Muscat...

The past couple of weeks I have had BIG cravings for some good Fish and Chips, or as we call it back home "a chipper".

Apart from the obvious things from home that I miss like friends and family, A good chipper is the thing I probably miss most. Of course it's not healthy or full of goodness but I probably miss it more just because I know that I can't have one. There are some amazing places to eat in Muscat with some weird and wonderful food but nothing quite like a chipper, it really is a favorite British pastime.

After some advice from other Fish & Chip loving Expats they pointed me in the direction of a place called Feeneys, an Irish bar located at the Shatti al Qurum area of the city. I had never been to Feeneys before but surely it was worth a shot.

The strange thing is that when you are inside Feeney's you totally forget that you not in Ireland at all, never mind being in Asia! The walls are decorated with traditional Irish memorabilia and it has a great drinking atmosphere. The only thing that reminds you where you are is the fact that some naughty Muslims are there dressed in their traditional dress 
drinking a pint of Guinness, for this reason Colin told me to stop taking photos so I didn't offend them...Bahh Humbug!

We were greeted by the Manager, an Irish man called John with a thick Dublin accent. He 
had great banter and was very amusing host, even though I struggled with a few things he said. There is just something about Irish people that makes them utterly hilarious.
My own Mother is from Cork in Southern Ireland and her funny accent is the butt of many jokes between our family, especially when she can't say "spider" it turns into a "spoider". Ahh I'm even chuckling typing this thinking of an Irish accent saying "spiral"..

I'm sure that you don't have to guess what I ordered to eat..

I had heard that in many of restaurants here that the fish is served with the skin still on which leaves it tasting oily. But I can't fault Feeney's on their food, it was a good sized portion and very yummy!

Not my best picture but just look how happy I am :-)

We had a great night with good food, good company and lots of laughs. I will definitely be going back to Feeney's again!