This blog post is dedicated to former friends and loved ones <3

This blog was originally started to keep you all upto date with our new adventure in Oman without shoving it down your throat all the time. For whatever reasons you have decided not to keep in touch that is upto you but I have created a platform that you can check in when you have the time and see that life is not all bad.

I can't be with you to physically hold your hand through your life but I can love and care for you from afar, sadly too many of you have decided that this is not enough and have given up.

It hurts me.

Maybe one day when you decide to read the blog you will see this and know that from all the way across the world I am thinking about you and wishing that we could get our relationship back on track. 

Today this picture really made me think, from now on I am going to stop trying to make contact and let go of the hope that when my phone buzzes it might just be you.

If you want to contact me then you know where I am. Technology is a wonderful thing, I have Hotmail, Facebook, Whats App, Texts etc so no excuses from here on out.

Until then, take care xx