A Poem For Healing - Multiple Mummy - #Healing4Kerry

Alice from My Life My Son My Way, sent me the below poem late last night.  Me and Tired Mummy of Two made some tweaks to it, but it came from Alice's heart and was her idea.  She then turned it into a poster at about 1 a.m. last night.

We thought you may like to use it as the foundation for your blog post on 24th November 2012; entirely up to you.

We're conscious that not everyone has memories of Kerry that they can draw upon, or recall in a blog post, but a simple post with the below poem on 24th November 2012 and your prayers/thoughts/meditations on 24th November at 22:00 is all that's needed.


I look forward to us all thinking of Kerry on Saturday, and tweeting at #Healing4Kerry and most importantly, having her home in time for Christmas.

Because more than anything I want her at home with her gorgeous family for Christmas and not in a hospital, I keep humming this:

If you are wondering what I am talking about with all of the above, all the details are in my last post.

Liska xx