Does anyone know this Doggie?

            Ladies & Gents of Muscat - Do you recognize this dog??

This dog was found this afternoon in the Azaiba area of Muscat. My husband almost ran her over with the car as she was running away from Indian men chasing her :( She saw his kindness and jumped straight into the car to be saved.

The vet has checked her over and she is healthy and well fed, she hasn't been out on her own for long. She has no ticks, fleas or illnesses and is a great natured dog, she is currently wrapped around Colin's feet having a cuddle as I type.

I really hope that she is just a pet that has lost her way and we can reunite her with her family soon and not just another dog that has been dumped on the street, sadly pets that are let out to fend for themselves don't last long out there.

Please get in touch if you recognise her or you can give her a temporary home until we find her family. For now I will call her Lucy :)

PS- This picture doesn't do her justice, she is much cuter in the flesh.