Happy National Day & Parental Neglect..


                                      Happy National Day and New Year to all of you in Oman!

The very generous Sultan Qaboos declares a national holiday celebrate Oman's new year and the National Day the following day which also happens to be his birthday. Hopefully he will announce some more holidays later in the month.

 Around the city there are flags and lights in the Omani colour, people got the day off work and there was a fireworks display. He sure is good to his country! :-)

                                                      Happy Birthday Sultan!

This afternoon me and Penny celebrated National Day with a walk on Azaiba beach and yes she is on a lead before the fun police send me another email. I seem to keep getting comments and emails from people only wanting to piss me off, maybe someone could leave me a nice comment next? ;)

It was a lovely afternoon and the temperature is a much more comfortable 30 degrees.

We found a fish washed up on the beach, look at those gnashers!!

We come to this beach often as it is close to our house and it permits dogs, some of them don't. We were having a nice walk until a group of children ran upto us, children are naturally curious when they see the dog as she is so big and you don't often find dogs like her here. Most kids here will ask to touch the dog and some are a littler stranger like asking to ride her like a horse. But these kids were out of control..

They ran upto the dog and shoved their fingers in her eyes while the rest of them threw clumps of mud at the dog. Thankfully Penny is a very tolerant dog but alot of dogs are not as laid back as she is, heaven forbid what a different dog would do to them. 

The worst bit is that their parents sat by their BBQ on the beach laughing watching their children attack a 42kg dog. How are these children ever going to learn if the parents don't teach them what is acceptable?! I've seen too many times parents letting their kids do stupid things that put themselves in danger, just the other day I even found an article about Parental Neglect here and it is very true.

I hate the fact you can't tell people to "F%*K Off" or give them a hand gesture which says the same thing, believe me I wanted to. I hope the parents teach these kids some rules before it's too late, they were lucky that I have a good dog who only wants to play and not rip them apart.