This Saturday 24th November 2012 
at 22:00
and through blog posts throughout the day
the blogging community will come together to heal our Multiple Mummy.

My heart aches to reach for the stars so I find myself listening to this again and again, 
as the goal is to have her home, with her family, for Christmas:

Blog posts are starting to pop up in advance of Saturday - I have linked to them all here.

My wish for Kerry, as well as having her with her family for Christmas is well illustrated here:


Saturday, the worldwide web will truly be a bridge over troubled water:


Let that bridge be the path from here to a miracle

Let our hearts, our love and our hope create that miracle

Let unity and joy be the thing that unites us.
Let's meet at #Healing4Kerry
See you on Saturday
The consciousness that unites us all will lift us all