Multiple Photos for Multiple Mummy and a Blog Hop for Healing

Every time Multiple Mummy's husband Multiple Daddy updates her blog, my heart stops. Is it good news? My heart fills to the point of bursting, and I hang on his every word. He writes very well. Thank God he is keeping us informed.

Kerry is definitely one of my favourite bloggers and has a heart as big as an ocean.  She has time, love and patience for every blogger out there, and is always thoughtful and considered whenever she says or writes anything.  She is one talented lady and even started Science Sparks with her friend Emma.  I met them (not for the first time) at Christmas in July 2011 when they were so very excited about its launch.

I first met Kerry at a Nivea event, and we've stayed in touch ever since. I miss her, I really do.  I know she would have been so very proud to have won her Mad award; luckily her hubby collected it on her behalf.

*** I personally took all of the below photos - feel free to share any more ***

Having a facial, the first time I met her:

 Large as life at Cybermummy 2011:

Cybermummy 2011.  Kerry was so so proud to have been representing (and sponsored by) Born Free.

In the lap of luxury at Boots' Christmas Press Show 2011:
"Boots" Christmas Press Show - yes Kerry did meet Fern Cotton! and I did meet Gok Wan! and he rubbed cream on me!

At Boots' Treat Street event:

Always a winner - she won that laptop bag and absolutely LOVED it!

I constantly think about the power of prayer, and more importantly what it can do, when it is synchronised and coordinated.

I read about how people are putting the recovery of Fabrice Muamba down to the power of prayer. I knew I wanted us - bloggers - to do the same, but was too scared to ask.

Tonight I have asked. Bloggers have replied.

Thankfully the idea has support.

So I ask that you hand over your blog and your heart, on Saturday 24th November and let thoughts of Kerry, aka Multiple Mummy ripple through the cyber waves.

Let us all say a coordinated prayer for her at 10 p.m. on Saturday 24th November.

Of course if you are not religious and do not pray, then medidate, or make a wish, or do what feels right for you.

Please if you can, do a dedicated blog post to her on Saturday so that she has her own HEALING CORNER of the world wide web on Saturday...

Connect with me on G+ where I have set up an event.

Share any other ideas you may have to enhance this endeavour.

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My Life, My Son, My Way
Science Sparks and
Mummy From The Heart

Tales of a Twin Mum has also now written a beautiful post


In an attempt to use every online medium possible, to raise awareness and healing, Multiple Mummy is on you tube too, here interviewing Mark Hill to find out how to make her straight hair curly.

She does of course, being the online guru that she is, have her very own You Tube channel here: Multiple Mummy You Tube channel.

Alice Baillie from My Life My Son My Way has written the below so that we can all post it on our blogs on 24th November.  Tired Mummy of Two and I did a little editing and tweaking, but the idea and the bulk of it is from Alice:

I think it is beautiful,
Liska xx