Official resident of Oman

Some great news from this week is that I am now an official resident of the Sultanate of Oman!

I have been here 9 weeks now and due to problems with my documents resulting in me visiting the British embassy and swearing on a bible blahh blahh blahh, then there was the Eid holidays and then there was alot of messing around. But finally I have the card and I am legit!

I have fuzzed out my personal details because you wouldn't believe the strange things that happen in a place like this!!!

So once I got my residents card it was then mandatory to get my Omani drivers licence, once you lose your "tourist" status you must get all your papers in order as you are not covered by your UK drivers licence any longer. So after another trip to the police station I am all sorted.
It's just aswel they accepted me as a resident as they would have hard a hard time trying to get rid of me I love it here!