Remains of fun times in October

Wow - October 2012 was a busy month as you can see by all the blog posts! I am honestly exhausted with everything that has been going on so I am very much looking forward to getting back to normal and chilling out. 

Here are the last few bits and bobs left over from October to keep you updated with what we have been upto.

                                       TV Cameo, House Hunters in Oman

Life here just gets more random! My friend Eliza was lucky enough to be involved in her very own episode of House Hunters International! It shows on the American TV channel HGTV and would be the UK equivalent to 'A Place in the Sun'. I managed to wangle myself a small roll and get involved. They filmed us shopping at Muttrah Sook (local market) and snorkelling in the sea.

The episode should air around Feb 2013 but I'll keep you updated.
For more details and better pics check out Eliza's page:

                                                      Ash & Eliza filming in our garden

Eliza & I ready to film for the day

Us shopping in Muttrah Sook

Picked up a couple of fans along the way..

                                Getting my independence back yipeee:

Colin now has a new car for both daily & weekend use for taking into the desert sand driving that means that the original car is all mine!

The biggest thing that I have struggled with here is feeling that I have lost my independence so hopefully having regular access to a car and exploring on my own is going to do me the world of good and I can't wait to be confident and know where I am going.

Colin driving my Pajero... He is a terrible passenger so it's good for me to get out without him. 

                       Camels aren't hard to find when you know where to look:

On a drive back from Nizwa we were looking for camels to show Nathan and we were lucky enough to get up close to them, I even tried to feed it some popcorn. Nathan decided that he is actually quite scared of camels once he could see how big they are and changed his mind about having one as a pet.

I'm going to call him Buster :-)

                                              We are finished in the garden:

Following on from my previous post "Green Fingers and Dirty Finger Nails", we have now finished our work in our garden and created a nice area for relaxing and having BBQ's.

We have more furniture and extra's since this photo but you can see the nice area we have created.

                                               Sadly all holidays have to come to an end:

We had a great time with Colin's Mom and son visiting, hopefully we managed to show them a good time and create some special memories. 

                        Colin & his Mom got a chance to go to the Opera for the evening.

A day at the Oman Dive Centre

BBQ with Rolf, Oda & Nilu

This is the pretty house warming gift that my mother in law bought for us.

After such a busy few weeks and the Eid holidays hopefully we can chill out for a while and get back into a routine but I can't see that happening, we already have quite a few things planned for November. 

I'll keep you posted x