Soggy Cereal, Fictional Cigarettes, Duvet Days and Blogging

When Aaron got to the last two pieces of his cereal, he didn't want to eat them (because they were soggy), so I said "why don't you want them?" (what is it that makes me ask a question I already know the answer to = the equivalent of stabbing a dead bumblebee with a pen) anyway he said "I don't like it", and as he said it in such a wingy voice I imitated him except adding "either" at the end.

A new word
He was delighted = a NEW word, a 2.5 year old's absolute delight so then all I kept hearing was "I don't like it either!" except each time he said it, either was sounding less and less like either.

Swallowed a wasp
Oh I am in a funny mood this morning/afternoon.  I think I may just BE that bumblebee.

I need to snap out of it and get that spring in my step back, but today, it escapes me.  I just looked out the window and it is raining, oh joy, just what I always wanted. Rain.  The wet stuff! That wets you right through.

Today I think my moon and my sun signs must be colliding, or in retrograde, or something as I would quite happily spend today under a rock, not coming out until, until, until, frankly, I don't know what...

Closed for lunch
All I know is if I was a shop, my "closed" sign would be up, or optimistically, the one that says "gone for lunch" or maybe "back in 10 minutes" although it'd have to be a long ten minutes...

Duvet day
I think we all sometimes have days like this, well maybe not ALL of us, but enough to keep me company if we all had a party, but sometimes we don't blog about it, as the blog is the escape. Sometimes I literally put on a happy face to blog, like the writing equivalent of lighting a cigarette. No, I don't smoke.

I think 2 year olds, thank goodness, are ambivalent to our moods, as Aaron is as cheery as ever even though I am feeling and acting like the grinch right now.

Maybe I will snap out of it.  Maybe, tomorrow I will get out of the right side of the bed, but if I get out any other side than I did today, it will involve climbing over my husband...

Do you, whoever you are, reading this, ever have days like this? Been a few hours and aint no signs of snapping out of it so far.