The World's Gone Mad - the Letter I Received


When I wrote my blog post Thursday evening I was not in a good place and I only wrote it as I knew a few of you were waiting to hear how the 17:30 meeting with the Manager went.

Well in the meeting I did not read the letter she presented me with (and wrongly assumed that our talk would reflect its contents), and I am not sure if I had read or digested it when I wrote my post Thursday.

Anyway, I publish it here, as even if I DON'T go to the head of the adjacent school who is over W who is over G, I think you may agree, that I DO need to reply to this as there are too many inaccuracies here, and I can't have this, as what someone accessing my file in the future sees, as the final word on the subject.

I am not going to bother addressing the points here in this post - I want to put it out of my mind today.  But when I write my reply, I will publish it here.

I don't want any of you to think less of me, so what I will say (for you to bear in mind when you read the below) is I DID NOT say that office staff are useless, but you will see what I did say when I publish my reply.

Anyway, bearing in mind I was VERY upset Tuesday night, upset enough to put my statement of events in writing and hand it in, does this letter sound like they want to make amends?  It does not to me. It sounds like they were happy to take other people's word over mine, on what took place.  Even people who have admitted to me, "yes I forgot that bit" and "yes I did not hear that bit".

Remember it is me that was on the receiving end of it, so I know the most of what took place.

And they seem to take the parent's word over mine, on the subject of taking the child home.  The conversation lasted SECONDS.  We ONLY discussed waiting in reception.  What W discussed with her were her "intentions" (should they still have not arrived) - how would I know what they were, and how unreliable of W, to go beyond what was actually SAID...... oh my days!!!!!

Anyway here is the letter.  Would you just take this on the chin and move on?

I can't and that's even though I have cheered up now.