Why Phillip Schofield was Right and Brave

I am quite sad to see that intelligent people just don't "get it".

My husband is the voice of reason and counters that maybe they haven't read up on it.

To that I say "thank you, for giving me that wisdom", but equally if they are yet to read up on it, then please perhaps don't comment........ (I have had two people on my personal Facebook account vehemently defending Cameron, and chastising Schofield, in counter to a "status" I posted on Facebook.  Those commenters (and their lack of knowledge on the subject) made me sad.  For reasons I will keep to myself, I have unfriended one of them because of it.

I want people to wake up, but I can't awaken them by myself, which is why I am DELIGHTED to see the truth coming out on lots of threads on Mumsnet, as just one example.  People are talking about it and are keeping an open mind.  THAT is a good thing.  It is being disbelieving of the truth, that allowed the truth to be hidden all these years.

What I am talking about here is the hostility that Phillip Schofield has received for his stunt actions on This Morning yesterday.  << link provided is to the FULL version, so you can fully see the context in which he did it (too many people are watching the 27 seconds version).  There is a great deal of background to what he did.  I WISH people would realise that.  It would take me too long to link to all of the relevant websites, and as I have been reading them I have not been bookmarking them all, but I know that the press are gutted that they cannot say more, which is why "stunts" are necessary.  Kelvin Mackenzie eloquently here gives you the (some of the) reasons why the presses hands were/are tied.

People "in the know" "in the media" "in the right circles" KNEW that this would come out once Jimmy Savile was dead (when Libel Laws don't count) which is why they started to act uncomfortable, (even a year ago) and disassociate themselves from him.

Sadly, the knowledge was there, but disbelieved.

I am really glad to see the North Wales case being looked at again, but no doubt it will may again be in a censored way, but I keep an open mind to being proven wrong.

The Catholic Herald is very sad here, about the fact that Jimmy's charitable work was not linked to his faith.  I think now with hindsight they should be glad of that as they have enough of their own shame to deal with without having to contend with Jimmy's too (I sadly say I am a Catholic, but luckily have had no personal contact with anything untoward).

I'd love to know what the deleted comments here said.

And for anyone who thinks Phillip Schofield was foolish, if he was, he was also brave, if you'd like to read how some journalists get treated when they try to out the truth: I found this via the same Mumsnet thread.  Yes, that last link brings Jersey into it, which you have to, to complete the picture...