It's a dogs life around here! Dec 2012

Over the festive season my little dog hotel has been in full swing! Through December alone there have been 6 different dogs (including Penny) so I have been VERY busy walking, playing, cleaning, more walking and then some trips to the beach to run about.

As it was Christmas time it is only fair that the dogs get some presents too, I ordered an assortment of festive dog biscuits from the Dog's Deli. They went down a real treat and I will definitely be ordering more!

I just wanted to share some favorite and festive pictures with you of my guests.

Carlos in his Santa hat

It turns out Jazzie doesn't like to swim

Gabbar sun bathing on the step

Apple enjoying her Dogs Deli Christmas biscuit

Penny on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa

Gemma sitting nicely for her special biscuit

So as you can imagine it has been a very busy month for me, but when you have a couple of moments like this when they all lie down together then it's all worth it :)

And remember a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. Dogs are alot of hard work and responsibility so please REALLY think before you get one.