Jazzie the pup is looking for a new home...

Hello people of Muscat!

This little mite Jazzie is looking for a loving family, I have had the pleasure of looking after her in my home and she is a real character always full of fun and ready to play.

I put this advert on my dog sitting blog but I will advertise it here also as this personal blog has alot more traffic. Hopefully she can find someone soon to love her on a permanent basis.

Thank you!

Sup Dawgs?

My name is Jasmine, but you can call me Jazzie if you want to be friends? I am only around 5 months old and I am looking for my forever home, pretty please!

Look how pretty I am! 

When I was a tiny pup my foster parents found me on The Wave under their car, My Mommy and siblings were no where to be seen so lucky for me they took me into their home and have looked after me ever since.

I love my foster Mom and Dad sooo much but they do a lot of travelling so it's not practical for them to have a pup, they tell me that I will find my forever home some day soon - paws crossed! You might have already seen my adverts in Al Fair and on Muscat Vets Facebook page, I'm already kind of a big deal around these parts.

They tell me that I am a cute, playful and energetic kind of girl with a good heart - my only downside is that cats seem to run away from me when I chase them. What's that all about?!

This is me and my good mate Penny, we are exhausted from running rings round Penny's Mom.

If you have love to give and room in your heart and home for a little 'un then please contact my foster Dad, Peter, for more info and maybe we can set up a little meeting.

Tel: 992 17950 or email pepskaram@gmail.com

Lots of Love and Licks