My first Christmas away from home

Well I made it through the festive season horraaayyy, that's not to say that there wasn't many tears and down moments but we got there. My first Christmas away from home sucked!

I was terribly home sick and missed everyone and everything but I know that my Christmas at "home" wouldn't have been perfect either, I just like the thought of it.

You might want to make yourself comfortable for this next rant, it's a long 'un....

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is the turkey meal with all the trimmings so I was adamant that we were having this to feel a little more homely, what a mistake that was! I ordered my 6kg fresh, oven ready turkey from a certain supermarket that sounds like "Ball Hair", I won't mention their name due to the fact I'll probably get in trouble for it.
Just before I left the house of Christmas Eve to collect said turkey the Ball Hair shop phoned me to tell me that they don't have my turkey anymore...ehh WTF.. I can feel my stress levels rising through the roof at this point..

"And you phone to tell me this on Christmas Eve?"
"Yes Madam"
"Why didn't you phone sooner?!"
"I forgot Madam"
"You don't celebrate Christmas do you?"
"No Madam"
"If you did you would realise how pissed off I am right now, I'll be there in 15 minutes"

So I arrive at the Ball Hair shop and he see's me coming.. I'm the white girl storming towards his counter with a face that could make an onion cry and this little onion was about to start crying.
"let me get my Manager"
"Yes, please do"
I explain to the Manager that I have 5 people coming for Christmas dinner and due to the fact that I ordered my turkey 2 weeks ago I want this 6kg, fresh and oven ready turkey.
"We don't have any left but I can give you a 3.5kg one"
"Okay fine, give me two of them"
"No Madam, you only ordered one" 
ARGHHHHH - Cue the point where I lost the rag..

Anyway after my melt down in the shop the Manager was VERY nice to me, even offering to cook the turkey on Christmas day and personally deliver it to my house. I declined this offer and demanded 2 smaller turkeys and went on my grumpy way.

So I'll fast forward quite a bit... We had a nice meal with friends for Christmas and then lots of drinks. I had hyped Christmas up far too much in my head, like I was warned not to, that I ruined it for myself.

But... The good news was my culinary skills are finnally getting better and more like a proper house wife. My husband is such a fussy eater so as long as he is eating and not turning his nose up then it's a happy day:

                                                 Mixed Starters, all home made!-
Sticky BBQ chicken drumsticks
Smoked Salmon Bellinis
Prawns and Marie Rose Sauce
Sausage rolls

Main Course-
Turkey and all the trimmings

Home made apple pie
M&S cheese cake for the fuss pot.

Not bad for someone who could burn salad :-P

This was us sitting down for some food, Colin took the picture.

This was my festive outfit, Colin told me I looked like a Christmas elf - I felt like one too lol.

Penny was VERY interested in what was cooking in the oven and sat at the door crying, I thought she wanted the turkey leftovers then I saw what she really wanted - The apple pie! What a strange dog!

So anyway we survived Christmas and my home sickness has myseriously gone away? I am heading home for a vacation soon but for now I'm happy where I am.

And next year - We are eating out!

I hope you all had a great Christmas Day with friends, family and loved ones. And to all my Muslim readers I hope you had a nice Tuesday.