Parenting is Tough and Pimp a Post Sunday

This post is to link up with Super Amazing Mum
who has launched something brand new called #PAPS.  
Short for Pimp a Post Sunday.  
Her reasons for setting this linky up are lovely and I applaud her for doing so.  
I hope the blogging world supports this, as it is wonderful to share our good reads.

I hopped into bed last night and via Twitter discovered this fab post; - phone was still on - and I hopped over.  I hope you'll agree that it is fab.

What inspired the blog author was receiving a credit card and its terms & conditions; a credit card she has no intention of using.  It provided the creative juice to blog: Terms and Conditions Apply. (Interestingly in the URL she calls it subject to contract).  I think, despite this blogger being *new*, she is one to watch.  I think you'll agree she has a gift with words - certainly worthy of your visit and being linked up to #PAPs.

When I awoke this morning, I remembered I needed to write this post.  I remembered that I personally wrote only yesterday about how tough toilet training toddlers can be, and while I was thinking all this this morning I couldn't help but remember how touched I was earlier in the week by a post by Dear Beautiful.  I know Sophie hasn't said we can link up two posts, but I have to give a mention to It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

I am going through a dark phase of my life at the moment, so when I saw that blog title on Twitter on Thursday I just had to hop over immediately, on my phone, and read it.  It doesn't relate to me as I have 1 not 2 children, but the place the author comes from, touched me.  She is speaking from the heart and opening up about her experiences and feelings in a way that can only touch other parents.

I hope you enjoyed my #PAPS.

Bye for now,