We all survived the Mayan Apocalypse, super duper.

Well I guess I am pleased to announced that in the Middle East we also survived the well hyped up "Doomsday" that was supposed to send crashing balls of flames to earth or a UFO invasion.

Of course we did because it was a heap of crap from the beginning!

From the news station, to the radio and all over Facebook we have been hearing about how the world was going to end at 11.11GMT on the 21/12/12 - well that was 3 hours ago now and nothing strange has happened yet.

Not that I believed..but..Just incase the world was going to end last night I gave the husband the chance to make his wife happy before dying. I said to him "Is there anything you want to say to your wife incase we never wake up tomorrow?". His answer "Well I suppose that I hope mine is quick and painless". Cue the huff and roll over signalling the end of our conversation. Men Hmphhh! 

So what have these Mayan Philosophers got to say for themselves now that they sent people into hysteria, panic buying and trying to book a place in their local nuclear shelter? Probably not much, they will be working on this....

Even if we were all going to die on a certain date would we want to know?! I'm not sure if I would, life is short whether there is a crazy fireball heading for earth or not so just take each day as it comes and enjoy it.